Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate the relationship and ignite romance, if only for one night a year! Special anniversaries should be celebrated between the couple to celebrate the beginning of the relationship, a marriage and even other milestones which are significant to every couple. Creating a night of romance is easy with these tips to create a romantic anniversary idea that can celebrate the milestone with the pizzazz it deserves!

Flowers are a traditional anniversary gift. When giving flowers, it is crucial to make your mark on the special event. Attach a small note to each and every flower, or customize the flowers with one of each of her favorites. Use combinations of her favorite colors, her favorite textures and her favorite shapes. This is sure to make the traditional gift up the romance factor. As an alternative, romance can be ignited in an instant by sending your significant other flowers that were used in the wedding bouquet.

An Engraved Gift
There is so many gifts that can be engraved to create a personalized anniversary gift. Pieces of jewelry, a jewelry box, even a keepsake box which can hold her favorite treasures and even memories of the two of your together. How do you find an inscription? Search the internet for a poem, quote or saying that describes the feeling that you have for your partner. If you can't seem to find a popular quote, create something unique from the heart.

Customized Picture Frames
Customized picture frames allow the gift giver to personalize not only the picture that is given in the frame, but the frame! Messages can be written and engraved into the frames to commemorate the months or years that you have celebrated together as a couple. When giving these picture frames, don't forget to customize the back of the frame. There is lots of room on the back of the frame to continue the personalized message.

Take a Hint from Pretty Woman
Buying your husband a tie and allowing him to arrive home with you greeting him in nothing but his new tie is something that will not soon be forgotten. Take a cue from some other romantic movies and allow the lines to speak for you. As an alternative, take a cue from his favorite movie and allow him to reenact a scene.

A Year of Giving
This unconventional idea is full of niceties! For one year, fill a box or coupon book with something extra-nice that you can do for your partner every weeek of the year. Every week, your partner will have something to remember the anniversary by. There are many things that you can include in these plans, such as; baking his or her favorite cookies, making dinner, a thirty minute massage, or even the gesture of washing your partner's car!

Plan an anniversary that allows for a trip to the location of your honeymoon. This is sure to ignite all of the passion that was felt on that day while creating new memories to share between the couple. Have dinner at the same place, stay at the same hotel and visit the same destinations. Call the hotel ahead of time and explain the anniversary you are trying to plan, see if the same room that you stayed in on your wedding night is available. They are sure to comply for such a romantic request.

Signature Scent
Did you know that you can have a signature scent created for your partner? You can incorporate some of his or her favorite scents to create a customized fragrance that will keep people guessing when they are trying to determine which scent that your partner is wearing. Year after year you can continue with the gift of scent. Name the scent after her for an added touch of romance.

A Picnic in the Sunset
Picnics in the sunset with wine, chocolate covered strawberries and cheese is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary. Bring a blanket with enough room for two and all of your favorite treats to watch the sun set in style and make the most of your anniversary. If you are exchanging gifts, exchange gifts during the picnic in the sunset to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Complete a Bedroom Makeover
The bedroom is where the couple spends most of their time, so why not makeover the space? Consider a romantic makeover to be completed a couple of days before the anniversary including a new paint color, luxurious new bedding and romantic candles and décor. Make the debut of the new room the night of the anniversary to add a special touch to the day! Chances are that you, as well as your partner will enjoy the space to the fullest, for months and years to come.

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