Cheap Romantic Ideas

Romance doesn't have to come in at high costs to have the full effect. There are many things that couples can do together to ignite romance that cost very little, or are even free! Small gestures are crucial in maintaining the romance in the relationship. Small gestures often cost very little and are associated with all aspects of a happy relationship.

Are you trying to think of something special to do for your partner to inject the romance back into the relationship? Use these cheap, romantic ideas to sweep your partner off their feet, while still balancing on yours. These ideas will demonstrate that romance is possible on a budget!

Texts and Email Love-Notes
Being in contact throughout the day is a great way not only to keep in touch, but to maintain the excitement for a later meet up. Something as simple as, "I can't wait to see you later" or "You looked really great when you left for work today" can have a positive effect on the relationship almost immediately. These small gestures will add a surprise to the inbox of your loved one, whether a text message sent through the cellular phone or an email that will put a smile on the face of your partner for the rest of the day.

A New Take on Take-Out for Two
A meal at your favorite take-out restaurant can be kicked up a notch when celebrated on a picnic blanket, or at a picnic table overlooking the sunset at your Favorite Park or lookout point. Bring along an Mp3 player for instant entertainment and a romantic reminder of the song that the two of you share. A couple of champagne glasses are an essential on this romantic take on a dinner for two. This is a great way to celebrate an intimate anniversary for two.

A Box full of Well Wishes
Buy or make an inexpensive box and fill it with folded messages to your partner. Each day, at the same time your partner can have the ability to open one of the messages to reveal the romantic thought, idea or compliment – directly from you! This idea works very well for partners that are going be separated for a period of time. When creating the notes use different pieces and types of paper to create unique messages that will keep your partner missing you until the moment you return home.

Champagne Scavenger Hunt
Go to the liquor store and buy a relatively inexpensive bottle of wine or champagne create a romantic??/';;p[destination that can be the conclusion to an exciting scavenger hunt. Create clues for your partner that is reminiscent of stages within the relationship. For example, the place of your first date, your favorite restaurant, and the first place you met or the place that you got married. Enlist the help of friends to hide clues in these locations and eventually the clues will lead your partner to you, a bottle of champagne and drinks underneath the open sky.

Dessert Out
Consider having dinner at home, rather than the traditional dinner out and head out on the town for a luxurious dessert. The costs of dessert alone are often less than dinner and provide a great alternative to the high costs of dinner. When trying to find the perfect dessert destination consider a creperie, a specialized dessert shop or even a decadent trip to a chocolate shop. As an alternative, dress to the nines and visit a local high end restaurant to experience some of the best crème brulee in the city, a classic dessert date.

Rooftop Date for Two
Sparkling lights, sparkling wine and a sparking relationship have the ability to turn a rooftop into a wonderful experience. Under the lights of the stars and the skyline of the city this great destination can be the host to a picnic, a table set for two and music to set the scene. Light up the rooftop with candles to achieve one of the most romantic experiences that you and your partner will experience. Ensure the rooftop has private access, or use trellises and curtains to create a sense of a private moment for two in the rooftop bliss.

Outdoor Movie Night
Many cities host movie nights outdoors where couples can bring their own snacks, bring their own refreshments and bring their own blankets to cuddle up and watch the movie outdoors. Be sure to bring your most comfortable outdoor chairs and dress warm, as the weather tends to cool off when the sun goes down. Take your date to this free event and gather all of your favorite snacks together and enjoy the night. To up the romance factor, bring your favorite bottle of sparkling cider and champagne glasses. An assortment of your favorite foods can complement the movie night in the square.

Free Concerts
Summertime is the perfect time to live in the city, as the festivals, events and concerts that happen in most cities during the summer can be low-cost date ideas for couples looking for something a little different. To cut costs, bring your own refreshments and watch the music, enjoying the experience the company and those hot summer nights. Consider getting some of your favorite appetizers from the street vendors, if you don't want to bring your own refreshments to the event.

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