Romantic Date Ideas

Date nights are essential for the two partners in a relationship to spend time together. Many couples use a weekly date night to rekindle the romance within the relationship and maintain communication. Date nights are a great way to keep in contact and reminisce about the feelings that were present on some of the earliest dates that the couple has gone on.

To create moments that you will always treasure, romantic dates are essential to create fire within every relationship. Use these romantic date ideas to surprise your partner and spruce up one of your regular date nights.

Theme Film and Dinner
Are you seeking a cultural date that includes many new experiences? This new take on dinner and a movie can introduce the couple to new music, language and even new culinary experiences. The trick is to see which films are playing in town, which ethnic restaurants are available or which cultural exhibits are available to be seen. Next, plan your date around the theme of the event or restaurant. Dinner and a movie usually consist of the same restaurants that the couple has been visiting for years.

Star Gazing for Two
Star gazing is a great way for the couple to get together under the stars. It allows the couple to share glimpses into a telescope while learning something new about the solar system. With the use of a star map and even binoculars, the couple can have a contest of who can point out the most constellations. IS there any better date idea that a night under the stars, with a picnic blanket made for two?

Pottery Painting 101
There are studios in every city that allow the couple to come into the studio, choose a piece of pottery and paint it to their liking. A couple can work together to create a unique collection of dishes which can be used in their kitchen, or even create gifts for each other on a special occasion. Painting talent is not necessary, but the ability to laugh at yourself and bring out your inner creativity is essential. After the painting has been complete, the kilnary will keep the item for two to three days to fire the item, and the items can be picked up by the couple after this process has been completed. This is a great way to work together towards a common goal while letting your inner artist shine through!

A Date to the Bookstore
A date to the local bookstore is a great way to share your favorite books with each other. Cozy little corners are available in most book stores to curl up and share your favorite parts of your favorite books. Take it back to your childhood by finding your favorite childhood books; chances are that you share some of the same. One of the great things about large book stores is that they encourage customers with benches and chairs to come in and read the books while absorbing the hip book store energy. Take the time to learn something new together with new books!

Learn Culinary Skills Together
Many culinary schools offer classes or specific nights that allow the couple to come together to learn a new skill in the kitchen, and learn to cook a new food. After dinner, the couple will often have the chance to sit down and enjoy the food that was cooked. Using their new skills, the couple can reminisce about the meal each time that they cook it together in the future. Choose a culinary experience that you both enjoy to create the ultimate experience. Although this date idea can be expensive, many couples find that the unique experience is well worth it!

Day Out to the Fair
It is fun to reminisce in an environment that allows the couple to play, run and experience games that they have not been able to since their childhood. A day at the fair allows for rides on roller coasters and other thrilling rides, and viewing the entire landscape from the top of the ferris wheel. This combined with the fact that you can get great fair food, enjoy the cultural highlights of the festival and play games while spending time together make this romantic date a hit.

A Day Trip to the Beach
There are so many things that can be done to celebrate the romance of a great relationship on a day to the beach. Building a sandcastle together or floundering among the waves are great ways to bring the couple together and enjoy the romantic day. One of the best things about a day at the beach is the evening at the beach. Sunset is a great way to enjoy the beach while enjoying a picnic, sharing a bottle of your favorite champagne combined with the company of your favorite person!

To Market we Go
A trip to the market can be a romantic date where the couple can experience new tastes, foods, markets and products. Be sure to bring your bartering skills, it can be fun for the couple to try and get deals at the market. A trip to the market is a great morning activity, and a great way to find fresh fruit, food and other ingredients which can be great for the weeklong activities. The market is a wonderful activity for couples that like to cook together as the new ingredients add a special something to each meal. New ingredients can be experimented with, tested and purchased at the market.

Sports Day for Two
For the couple that likes to keep active, there are many ways to shape up together. From a trip to the batting cage or a hike up the local mountain there are many things that can be done to get in shape while coming together. When the couple gets active together, they can maintain a sense of commitment to the relationship while they are working to achieve a common goal! These are great low cost activities for the couple on a budget!

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