Romantic Dinner Ideas

Dinner falls into every couple's date schedule, whether a first, second or third. Dinner is a ritual that continues into every stage of the relationship. It can be made romantic with small gestures to create candlelit moments between the couple. Use these tips to create a romantic dinner for two on your next dinner date.

Blindfolded Dinner for Two
The most sensual of dinners, eating blindfolded the partners can rely on each other to arouse senses with every single bite. You can play with favorite foods, tastes and textures to create a meal where taste will truly be the main scent. Playing with how food feels and smells can be combined with the taste to create a dinner experience that will last long into the evening. The sensual act of feeding each other blindfolded can be passionate, arousing and sensual.

Eating with Your Hands
In some cultures, dinner is always eaten with your hands. Why not take this into a tradition and visit one of the many cultural restaurants that allow patrons to use their hands when eating, foregoing any flatware. Eating with your hands will create a sensual experience that can bring the couple closer together as they enjoy a new experience together.

Dessert Buffet
For a romantic dinner that encompasses the best of desserts, create a dessert buffet. From rich and decadent chocolates to cheesecakes the dessert choices are literally endless. Sample a little of each and the dinner will be a success. For those with a sweet tooth, this dinner will be a hit. The couple is able to have dessert before dinner, maybe a little something sweeter after?

New Food Dinner
In this dinner, food can only be introduced that has never been tried by the couple before. This food could be cuisine from a different culture or even food that either of you have wanted to try but have never had the chance to. This is a great way to learn what you like, learn what you don't like so much and learn a little about each other.

The Classic Candle Lit Dinner
The classic candle lit dinner starts a night filled with romance. With candlelight and a dinner for two, complete with dessert, the couple can have a chance to reignite the passion in the relationship. Everything is more romantic in candlelight, so it's not about the food. This dinner is about the atmosphere the dinner is served in and the company that comes along with the dinner.

That Hip New Restaurant You Have Been Dying to Try
Making a date night to check out the hip new restaurant in town is a great way to begin the weekend or start a date night tradition. Share your meals to create variety and order a bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion. There is no reason that a trip to a new restaurant can't be just as romantic as trip to the local romantic French place. While the two of you are bonding over new dishes and enjoying the bottle of wine mixed with great company, you could just start a new tradition, or find a new favorite restaurant.

Formal Dress Dinner
Try out a new restaurant that has a formal dress code for a change of pace every girl loves to dress up for a night on the town. A great bottle of wine or fancy cocktails can make a good night even better. This is a great chance to get out on the town and take pictures to remember the night out, which can later be used in a scrapbook!

Personalized Fortune Cookies
Personalized fortune cookies can be ordered from the internet or local specialty stores and are a great way to finish off a meal at your favorite Chinese spot. Do you have a special something that you would like to tell a special someone? Consider telling them through the use of a personalized fortune cookie! You can have a variety of messages included in the cookies, which are known as a great way to profess your love, or even ask for her hand in marriage. They are popular for couples celebrating and anniversary and bring a touch of the unexpected into the meal.

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