Romantic Evening Ideas

Romance is underrated with many couples. Unfortunately, the majority of couples allow life to get in the way and put romance on the back burner. There are so many ways that romance can be injected into your relationship, in as little as one evening. Use these ideas for outings, activities and at-home ideas to give your relationship the shot of romance that it deserves.

Modern Candlelit Dinner
A candlelit dinner is one of the traditional staples to a romantic evening. Regardless of the scenario, whether the dinner has been made at home and presented to you by a loved one, or if the couple is enjoying a dinner at their favorite fabulous restaurant there are many ways to update the dated candlelit dinner tradition. Rather than using candles in the middle of the table, use candles all the way throughout the room, or throughout the home, guiding your partner to the place where you have made their favorite dinner and set the table for two. Create a romantic ambience by soft music playing in the background and flowers on the table. Using these tips, the candlelight dinner can truly transform into something special.

Bubble Bath for Two
While creating this bubbly experience for two, use some of your partners favorite scents to allure him or her into the room. In the midst of the bubbles, float a message in a bottle to your partner containing a love poem, a love note, or even a sweet nothing. This gesture will stand out in the mind of your partner as something special that you have done for them. Flowers and candles can be used in the bathroom to set the mood for the bath for two, which provides the couple with a great chance to use those essential massage oils that are around the house. After the bath, offer your partner a massage. Your partner will truly be putty in your hands after this treatment!

Begin the Anticipation Early
Early anticipation gives your partner time to wonder and get excited about what kind of surprises that you have in prepare for him or her that day. Send flowers to his or her work and have them delivered with a note that reads something curious about what surprises are to come. Using a courier service, send small gifts and messages throughout the day to surprise your partner. You can also send along emails and text messages to increase the excitement level. When he or she gets home from work they will be surprised about what you have planned. A romantic night for two with new lingerie and dinner is the perfect end to this surprising day!

High Style Evening
By renting a limo for the evening, the couple can enjoy each other while dressed to the nines out on the town. For dinner, whisk your partner away to the most romantic restaurant in town. For dessert, attend another restaurants famous for their desserts. Finish the evening with a show and taking your partner to a romantic lookout point. This is sure to gain you points in the romance department. Everyone likes a chance to get dressed up, but we do not always have the reason to this gives every couple the chance to get out their best!

Strawberries and Champagne at a Local Hotel
Strawberries and champagne are some of the most romantic foods and drinks available. If you are spending the night at a local hotel as a romantic gesture be sure to include these on your menu. Create a toast that is dedicated to your partner and say all of the things that you feel about him or her, compliments and things that people love to hear. Consider creating a poem, or thinking ahead of time what you would like to say. This formal toast should be completed standing, for added effect. Next, move on the strawberries, feeding each other the chocolate covered wonder and settle in for a long evening of romance.

Art for Two
Creating something together is one of the most romantic gestures that a couple can complete together. Prepare for the evening with a visit to the local art store to purchase a large piece of canvas, brushes and paint. Any other supplies can be purchased at this time. Start the evening with dinner, voicing your request to do something different together, to create something together. When your partner is stumped, bring up the idea of completing an art project together, and mention that you have already purchased all of the supplies. This is sure to win over the heart of your partner, as they are able to see the effort that you have put into this very moment.

Beach Picnic
To celebrate those hot summer nights, consider a picnic at the beach. The beach is a perfect place to watch the sunset, as the sunset seems to reflect from the water, intensifying the experience. While you are planning this beach picnic, be sure to have all the supplies and picnic food within the car and then ask your partner to go for a drive. If you have time ahead of time, set up a blanket, candles and even music at the beach. Enlisting the help of your friends can be essential to cover this part of the date. At the beach, stumble upon the blanket and ask your partner to stay and watch the sunset with you. This will be a guaranteed yes!

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