Fun Date Ideas

The dating scene should be a fun and exciting time in your life and that all-important first date could be the first step in a long relationship. Be sure to choose activities for your first date that inspire conversation and allow you both to show your true personalities.

Fun Ideas for a First Date
Play at an Amusement or Water Park: A day filled with a variety of exciting rides and other fun activities can be a great backdrop for that first date. You'll have too much fun for any awkwardness, and you can utilize those long-line wait times to chat. Screaming together on a giant roller coaster or water slide is also a great way to bond.

See a Great Movie: Many people think that movies should be avoided on a first date, but they are actually a good idea for shy folks. You have the entire movie to just be near one another and share some popcorn. Afterwards you can stop by a coffee shop or an ice-cream parlor to talk about the movie and get to know one another better.

Enjoy a Horseback Ride: Those who share a love of animals should look for a place to go trail riding. You can spend a couple of hours riding your horses side by side along the trail, and you may even be able to stop by a flowing stream for a nice picnic lunch.

Attend a Class Together: Communities across the country offer classes, and you should plan to attend one that has you both interested. This may give you a chance to create a new dish together, sculpt a piece of artwork or discover a hidden musical talent.

Get Energized with a Zipline Adventure: If you would like to get your date started with a great adrenaline rush, then you might consider taking your date flying over the treetops with the help of a zipline company. Many of these are set up to allow you to enjoy the ride side by side, and you may choose one that offers several hours of fun or just one quick trip.

Have Fun With Karaoke: A great evening can be planned at any local restaurant that offers a karaoke event. Show off your mad singing skills, sing a duet together or just enjoy laughing at everyone's fun efforts.

Host a Backyard Barbecue: It can sometimes take the pressure off a first date to incorporate it into a group encounter. If you share any of the same friends, then invite them over for a fun barbecue right in the backyard. Those with a pool can add swimming to the festivities, or you can plan some fun party games.

Spend a Day on the River: If you have a river that offers tubing nearby, then you have the perfect way to spend a hot day. A lazy tube ride down a mild river provides a fun way to get to know one another. You could also choose kayaking or canoeing if you want to spend less time actually in the water. For those who want something a little more on the wild side, you might consider a whitewater rafting trip.

Play Some Mini Golf: This is a perfect idea for a first date. There's no real pressure, and you can just take your time enjoying the game while chatting with one another. Many places that offer mini golf also offer such fun activities as go-karts and bumper boats, so you can make a fun day of it.

Concerts in the Park: Many communities offer free weekly or monthly activities in the city park. This often includes musical concerts, movies shown on a big screen or just picnics to bring the community together. This is usually a free activity that could be a nice way to enjoy a first date together.

Play a Sport: If you are both active and interested in the same sport, then you can plan your first date with a little friendly competition. This may include such sports as tennis, basketball or even bowling. Have some fun, and the winner can buy dinner afterwards.

Check Out a Trivia Competition: Many restaurants and bars feature a trivia contest in the evenings. This is a great chance to show each other just how smart you are while having a great time together. Go celebrate with a shared banana split if you win the prize or even if you don't.

Dance the Night Away: If you both share a favorite band that happens to be playing at your nearby club, then you should definitely take advantage of that opportunity. Hearing your favorite songs together is always nice, and you can definitely get closer together on the dance floor.

Visit a Museum: Those who live in the bigger cities normally have access to the very best museums. Check to see what exhibits are available, and you can meet up there to enjoy it together. Drinks or a meal can follow if all goes well.

Take a Walk or a Hike on the Nature Trails: If you live near any of America's state or national parks, then you are sure to have access to some amazing trails. The beauty of nature lends itself to a lovely first-date experience, and you can enjoy exploring the area together.

Spend the Day With the Animals: Let your inner child loose to enjoy a day with the animals at your local zoo or aquarium. Take your time strolling around the grounds together, and be sure to participate in any animal encounters that are offered. As an alternative, the two of you may like to volunteer at an animal rescue for the day. They often need people to walk and exercise the dogs or just pet the cats.

Hit the Beach: If you live anywhere near the beach, then you already know what a fun place it can be. The two of you can sun yourself, have a swim or even grab a great wave for an exciting surfing adventure. If you own jet skis or a boat, then be sure to take those items along.

Picnic in the Park: A simple picnic beneath a shady tree in your local park can be the perfect solution for a first date. You can pick up food from a local restaurant or make a genuine homemade picnic lunch. If your park features a pond with ducks, geese or swans, then be sure to take a loaf of bread for them.

Just Have Fun
One or more of these ideas might just fit your lifestyle perfectly, but you should be sure to talk to your potential date to ensure that you are on the same page before you make any specific plans. Whatever it is that you ultimately choose to do on your first date, you should just remember that the most important thing is to simply be yourself and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

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