Romantic Gift Ideas

There are so many occasions where a romantic gift is welcomed! From anniversaries to Christmas gifts, romantic gifts can be the most popular gift received. Here are some great ideas for those without a romantic bone in their body to spike up the romance in their relationship:

Photo Frame
A photo frame is a way to commemorate an anniversary or show your special someone how much you care. Find a photo of the two of you that brings back happy memories, moments or will remind each other of a milestone within the relationship. Choose a photo frame that will compliment the photo colors and theme of the gift.

Love Coupons
Love coupons are available in many romantic stores. Love coupons can be made at home with markers, colors and other craft supplies. Every couple has gestures they consider to be romantic, from a coupon for doing a load of laundry, to a steamy make-out session. These coupons are a romantic gift add-on that can be used for massages and steamy creation of love notes. The quality of the books should demonstrate that an adequate amount of time has been spent on the special coupon book for your loved one.

Audio Love Letter
An audio love letter is a great way to speak of your love and contribute to a love letter in an unconventional way. Audio letters can be recorded into greeting cards to contribute to a letter. These greetings can be played over and over to be enjoyed time and time again.

Spa Day for Two
A spa day or massage for two is a romantic gift that can encourage the couple to have a day of wellness and rejuvenation while experiencing everything together. Although one of the more expensive gifts available, this spa day for two is sure to be a hit as the two of you are pampered, delighted and massaged.

How much Do I Love You?
Writing your partner a book or a poem that demonstrates just how much you love them is a wonderful way to celebrate any holiday or anniversary. You can choose from 101 Reasons why I Love You, to 20 Reasons I know You are the One for Me. Regardless of the poem, list or title, this gesture is sure to have a positive impact on the relationship. Be sure to make the book, poem, or piece of art entail meaning by spending time on the project to complete it, perfecting each small detail.

A Promise Ring
If your relationship has reached the level of commitment that could warrant a promise ring, than this is one of the most romantic gifts available. Traditionally given to women, from men this tradition can be interchanged with a couple giving rings to each other as a symbol of their love, fidelity and trust. The ring promises that eventually the couple will solidify the relationship through marriage.

Customized Candy
From M&Ms to fruit rollups, customized candy is the perfect gift for the loved one with a sweet tooth. Candy is the way to the heart for many men, and women. These candies can be customized with messages only the couple will understand, or even the names of the couple, or initials on the small pieces of candy. When ordering the candy, be sure to order it well ahead of time of the special event to ensure safe, on time, arrival.

Personalized Artwork
Personalized artwork is available in forms like the names of the couple carved into a birch tree, or a canvas print that the couple has come to know and love simply hung on enlarged stretch canvas. Like beauty, art is in the eye of the beholder this piece of art is sure to have meaning for a lifetime.

His or Her Favorite Book
A copy of your favorite book means so much more when given to you by a loved one. It allows the couple to express their love of reading, the love of literature and the love for each other. When giving a copy of the favorite book be sure to write something on the inside cover that can dedicate the book to your partner, something that will inspire many great reads of their personal classic. There are thousands of romantic gift ideas, but what truly makes a gift romantic? A creative thought or inspired gift comes from the heart. Using milestones within the relationship as inspiration to create a memorable gift is an essential component to any romantic gift.

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