Romantic Ideas at Home

Some say that home is where the romance begins. It seems that the most successful of couples have romance in the home, before anywhere else as the home is where most couples spend the majority of their time. Ensuring that there is romance in the home can keep partners interested while creating an intensity and passion within the relationship. Romance within the home can make everyday exciting, causing it to feel like a special occasion. We all know those couples that seem to fall in love over and over, the secret of these couples is that they have the ability and make the effort to add romantic gestures into their daily activities. Use some of these ideas to become that romantic couple:

Shower Celebration
Fill the shower with balloons and other presents before your partner jumps in for the morning shower. Write a message on the mirror in the steam, or in lipstick for your partner to see when he or she gets out of the shower. Be sure that the lipstick can be easily removed from the glass by testing a small spot. This would seem a little less romantic if you had to spend the remainder of the day replacing the mirrors within the bathroom.

Dinner for Two
There is no reason that dinner at home can't be just as exciting as romantic as a night out on the town. Something as simple as preparing your partner's favorite meal while you allow them to be pampered can do wonders for a relationship. For busy moms or dads busy at the office it is important to take the time to complete these small gestures. Candlelight can make any dinner romantic, using small tea-light and taper candles on the table can create a romantic atmosphere in an instant.

Have a Bubble Bath for Two
A bubble bath for two is wonderful way to get warm after a day in the winter weather, or simply catch up! It allows each of your to sensually wash each other and bathe together. Add in candles and bubble bath with aromatherapy beads for a scented experience. Bathing together can easily turn into a weekly tradition that allows the couple to catch up after a busy week. When the couple bathes together they can take the time to relax, wind down from the day and take the time to notice each other. Bathing can be followed by a sensual massage, allowing the couple to relax even further.

Games Night with Romantic Prizes
Hosting a games night with your partner and having romantic prizes is a great way to use that competitive spirit. A games night allows the couple to become closer, while working as part of a team or as an opposition to play the game. At the beginning of the game each partner is to determine the romantic prize that they are going to give, or provide for their partner in case they win. At this point, the couple can tell each other, or keep the prizes secret. At the end of the game it will be a surprise for everyone!

Heart Shaped Cookies
Make heart shaped cookies for your partner to take to work, or surprise your partner in the morning before they wake up. These cookies can be decorated and iced with your partner's favorite flavors for a little something extra. Everyone likes to have things done for them that are bordering on romantic; cookies can be made in as little as fifteen minutes and have a big impact!

Little Love Notes
Whether written on post-it notes and left around the house or simply written and put into your partner's lunch, love notes are a great way to send your thoughts to your partner throughout the day. The love notes should be written by hand and left for your partner in various places for him or her to find throughout the day. They need not be longer than a couple of sentences; it is the thought that counts and speak from your heart when crafting the notes.

Sensual Emails and Texts
With modern technology, it is becoming easy to stay in touch during the day. Why not use this technology to strengthen your relationship and send small love notes and tiny gestures through the phone or computer and light up your partners face each time they realize they have one of these small notes in their inbox! Use your heart to send compliments and greetings that will cause anticipation to see each other next.

Small Gifts Hidden in the Home
Leave a small gift in a place that they would never expect to find it. For her, leave it inside of her makeup or cosmetic case For him, leave it in his favorite box of breakfast cereal. These small romantic gifts do not have to be expensive to be effective, the small thought will put a smile on your partners face all day! Something like a book they have been dying to read, or a new tube of her favorite lip gloss or mascara make the perfect addition to the gift. Accompany the gift with a small love note for the maximum effect.

Massage for One
A massage is a great gift, especially if your partner has had a long day. The next time that your partner seems tires or stressed encourage them to have a hot shower while you prepare an area to massage them. The bedroom is perfect, and can be candlelit to have a relaxing glow in the space. Begin at their head at the temples and make your way down all the way to the feet. Using aromatherapy lotions help to take the stress of the day away and help your partner relax. This is a favor that will not go unwelcomed!

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