Romantic Picnic Ideas

Thereís nothing more timeless and romantic than a surprise picnic. This is a thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, pop the question or simply woo a love interest. Careful planning needs to happen so that this picnic is flawless. A well-executed surprise is sure to take a loved oneís breath away.

Select the Perfect Location
The first thing you have to do is consider the location of this picnic. After all, this sets the mood. There are many options to choose from. For example, romantic picnics can happen near the ocean or a waterfall, or they can be set up in a backyard, on top of a high-rise building, or inside on a rainy or snowing evening. You should take your girlfriend, spouse or love interestís personality into account. For example, someone who hates to sweat will not like hiking for miles to find a waterfall and the surprise picnic whereas someone who loves the outdoors or exercise would love this. It is important to investigate the location to understand whether or not this is public property and what its dimensions and features are like.

Timing Is Everything
Next, you have to consider when this romantic picnic will take place. One could have a surprise afternoon picnic on a lunch break, or a moonlight dinner next to the ocean. A lot of things will factor into the decision. For example, a coupleís schedule will affect the scheduling of the picnic as will their personalities. If the couple often wake early for breakfast, then it makes sense to plan a picnic to watch the sun rise whereas night owls will appreciate eating beneath the stars.

Element of Surprise
An important piece of any romantic picnic is to consider how the surprise will happen. For example, you could tell your girlfriend you're going on an errand only to surprise her. Another option would be to tell your girlfirend that one has a surprise, blindfold her, and then take her to the destination.

Table or Blanket
When the location and timing of the picnic are decided, important essentials need to be considered. You can bring a table, chairs, and nice tablecloth to add luxury and elegance to the surprise, or you can go for a rustic or classic feel by investing in a plaid blanket and wicker picnic basket. Again, oneís preferences or tastes will affect this as well as the location and resources. For example, it may be hard to set up a table and chairs in advance depending on the location and time of day. However, if this surprise is happening close by, it might be easy to sneak out to the beach or backyard to set these up.

Decide on the Food
A picnic is nothing without the right food. Generally, it is best to go with finger foods that need little to no preparation, are easy to carry and are easy to eat. Fruit, cheese, and bread are all good choices. A romantic picnic can include two people feeding one another and sipping on delicious wine, sparkling cider or champagne. Messy items will make it difficult to set up the picnic and eat. Dessert is important too - you can go with small cupcakes or with chocolate covered strawberries. Themes are always fun - Italian, Greek, and other cuisines are fun to experiment with. And of course, it is smart to include favorite foods in this picnic.

Other Accessories
It is important to think about important accessories to include. Obvious items to bring are napkins, a trash bag, cutlery and a blanket. However, other important items include small gifts, a camera, matches, candles and even batteries. A wine-opener and ziplocks for leftover food are also important, among other accessories.

Plan an Array of Fun Activities
The best picnics are fun. This isn't all just staring at one another and eating. Instead, a creative spouse or boyfriend will take the time to make a memory book to show during the romantic picnic or will bring a camera so that they can take photos of the picnic. It could even be fun to decorate cookies or cupcakes together. And of course, a timeless option is to follow the picnic with some stargazing or a romantic stroll.

Consider Using Music
Music is a great addition to a picnic. There are many ways to go about this. You could bring an MP3 player and create a playlist of a loveís favorite songs. If you play an instrument, you can bring this along. And of course, to go all out, you could even hire a professional musician.

Personal Touches
Their personality is important to incorporate into any romantic picnic. Adding personal touches is sure to make this even more special. After all, people love to know they have been listened to and that their boyfriend, spouse or love interest truly knows them. This means considering everything from their hobbies to his or her special quirks. If a person loves stars, it might be great to drive up a mountain, set up a telescope, and picnic here. A musician will appreciate violin-shaped cookies, and someone with French heritage will appreciate a blanket with an Eiffel Tower print or pattern. The smallest details can add a personal touch. Creativity is the name of the game.

A romantic picnic is a classic way to woo a love interest or celebrate an important event. After all, itís just the couple, the food, a beautiful location and some meaningful quality time. Considering every detail, the coupleís interests and inside jokes and being creative ensure that this event will be unforgettable. Going the extra mile is what matters in a relationship. A romantic picnic is something that will never go out of style.

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