Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

There are two dates every single year that most couples find the time to perform romantic gestures for each other. These times are on Valentine's Day and their anniversary. Although it is easy for couples to infuse romance into their relationships throughout the year, here are some great ideas for you to kick the romance factor up a notch and start planning this Valentine's Day!

Room Full of Flowers
How great would it be to have your partner greeted with a room full of flowers when waking up this Valentine's Day? Consider buying bouquets of his or her favorites and filling the room with colors, fragrances and the appearance of fresh cut flowers. This over the top romantic gesture is something that we are only used to seeing in the movies, but I think it's time that it made a comeback into real life.

Surprise Weekend Away
Surprising your loved one with a weekend away is a traditional way to surprise them for this holiday dressed in red. Take this surprise up a notch by making it a secret weekend away. Do not tell your partner anything about the destination and ensure to pack their bag for them (willing you know them enough and have enough sense to pack appropriately). Packing the bag for your partner ensures they are not able to guess the secret location through clues like attire. Plan for the vacation accordingly and pack attire suitable for every activity.

Dinner for Two
Dinner for two is a traditional activity that many couple's enjoy on Valentine's Day. Do you have a favorite restaurant or small spot that you share? Use these places as inspiration to provide a favorite dinner using small touches that have been planned ahead. For example, does the restaurant you both enjoy have a private gathering room? Use the space as room for two and enjoy the privacy and the compliments of the private wait staff to complete a perfect Valentine's Day date. It is these small touches that are going to make the occasion memorable.

Chocolate Buffet
To celebrate a special Valentine's Day for a partner with a sweet tooth, a chocolate buffet is the way to go. Have a visit to a local hotel, dessert shop or restaurant to see if they can offer this succulent treat. If not, an at home chocolate extravaganza can be created using all of her favorite fruit and chocolate sauces, chocolates and other candies. This is sure to leave him or her feeling sweet enough to eat and thankful for the sensual experience, after all, chocolate is known to be an aphrodisiac!

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt
A Valentine's Day scavenger hunt is a great way to create a game that your loved one can play while trying to locate the prize! Use clues that lead him or her to important destinations in your relationship, such as; the first place that you met, the first place you kissed, where you had your first date and other small milestones within the relationship. At each place the clue should cause your partner to reminisce about the times that the two of you have experienced together. At the end, he or she can get to the prize. What are some good prize ideas? A table set for two, a romantic dinner, a romantic weekend away or an evening in a romantic suite are some good jumping off points!

Valentine's Month
For this idea, you and your partner can collaborate through each day of the month to find ways to make each day special. Whether you are using small gifts, or romantic gestures there are ways to make every day being celebrated through the holiday special with your partner. Some people chose to use the whole month of February to celebrate their relationship. Small, inexpensive gifts can be left around the house to show your appreciation for your partner while other tokens of your appreciation and romance include a visit to the spa together, offering a massage at home, taking care of the children for him or her while allowing him or her to do something that he or she enjoys and making their favorite meal. These are all great ways to extend the celebration. Who knows, this just might stick around longer than the month of February.

Massage For Two
A massage for two is a wonderful way to celebrate this romantic holiday. With champagne, luxury and comfort for the couple, massages are a great way to pamper yourselves while getting in touch with each other. When booking the couples massage be sure to ask about the romance factor involved, inquire as to if rose or other flower petals can be scattered throughout the space. Later, book a light meal to follow the romantic massage and get ready to reap the benefits of the relaxation that was offered throughout the day.

Valentine's Day Makeovers
What better time to get a makeover on this special holiday, before your date with a special someone? If you are a couple in need of a look-change, consider attending the spa, getting a haircut and the full treatment all before you put on that new outfit. A makeover is sure to keep things fresh and let your significant other remember the reasons why they fell in love with you! A change in look can be essential in a long term relationship and is a great way to start feeling great about yourself!

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