Romantic Weekend Ideas

Romantic weekends are a time for busy couples to rekindle the relationship and find the magic that they have for each other. Even if the weekend away is in your own home, there can be great benefits to spending a full weekend focusing on nothing but each other, the needs of your partner and the attention required for a successful relationship.

Romantic weekends allow the couple to communicate without the interruptions of life, children and friends coming in between. Two days can even refresh a relationship on the rocks, giving each partner in the couple new perspective when it comes to the relationship.

A Weekend In
A weekend in involves nothing more than staying in your home all weekend, lovingly spending time with your partner. This "us" weekend can involve activities that the two of you enjoy, but they must be done together. This is a great idea for couples looking for ideas to spice up their relationship. This weekend in turns out to be anything but boring for most couples, with the couples finding new ways to amuse themselves through board games, sports activities and other fun things to do that the couple never has a chance to. A weekend in truly helps a couple to realize that there is indeed no place like home.

Tourist in Your Own Town
Chances are there are tourist attractions and events in your town or city that you have never been to. The larger the city or town, the higher this chance for most couples. Many of us don't take the time to appreciate the area in which we live, so this activity is perfect for those couples. Take a look at the local tourist office or on websites detailing city events. There is more than likely going to be many events that you didn't even know were available in the town. Plan the weekend around these events and don't be afraid to take pictures and be mistaken for a tourist. You can discover your partner amongst the gems of events in your city and town throughout this weekend learning experience.

Secret Weekend Away
Whisking your partner away for a surprise weekend falls high on the list of romantic weekend getaway ideas. The element of surprise causes excitement and anticipation in the relationship with your partner constantly wondering where the two of you are off to. When planning this weekend away as surprise, be sure to use methods of payment that will not alert your partner and plan a mini vacation to the last place that they would expect. This weekend getaway not only rejuvenates the relationship but adds spark back into the dynamic, in ways that only anticipation can! Are you able to pack for your partner? Be sure to throw in some of their favorites as well as appropriate wear for the journey and all of the activities that the two of you are going to be completing.

Couples Retreat
Although this may seem extreme, couples retreats are extremely helpful to assist in rekindling the romance that life has made it so impossible to create through the years. Using communication methods and exercises combined with activities, the couple is able to interact with each other as much as possible while creating bonds that will last the entirety of the relationship. Choose a couples retreat that suits your needs, whether for a spa weekend away or simply a time to recall how to communicate. Your partner will be touched that you took it upon yourself to create a weekend that will improve the relationship.

Cooking and Wine Weekends
For those couples that love to cook together, cooking retreats are available, as well as wine weekends which enable the couples to learn about wine, cooking and fine cuisine. Many classes are held over the period of the weekend with the couple having the chance to interact with local and sometimes famous chefs. Although this weekend can be expensive, the many couples who have chosen this option have said this weekend is well-worth it! New skills are learned throughout the weekend which enables the couple to learn together and use these skills doing something that they enjoy. Most often, these weekends are held at hotels and local wineries. Check the listings on the websites for events occurring in your area.

Beach Getaway
Renting a cabin at the beach can be exhilarating. Waking up the smell of the water each morning and the luxury of being able to lie on the beach there is nothing to compare. There are so many romantic things that can occur on the beach a sunrise picnic, or watching the sun set over the water. Together, you can try new water activities such as tubing and wakeboarding and learn together while playing together. This makes the beach a romantic getaway perfect for the weekend.

City Lights
Do you live outside of the city? This is a chance to give your partner the weekend they desire full of the hustle and bustle of the city. There are so many activities that the couple can do together to bring up romance into their lives. Not only are there many tourist activities but there are festivals, new restaurants for the couple to try and of course, taking in the shows and the nightlife. Regardless of your partner's hobbies, there should be something for everyone to enjoy on a weekend trip into the city.

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